Petra: The Beautiful, Ancient Rose City that took my breath away

The best Valentines Day I ever spent was in Petra with my sister, Ruth. I was studying Arabic abroad and my sister Ruth jumped on a plane to come and visit me in Jordan. I can still remember how excited I was to see her and how I practically jumped onto her as she enteredContinue reading “Petra: The Beautiful, Ancient Rose City that took my breath away”


The small country of Jordan, in the Middle East, is well known for it’s hospitality, culture and historical sights. From an archaeological perspective Jordan contains some of the most spectacular sites in the world including the world renowned tourist attraction that boasts over 500,000 visitors each year: Petra. On this occasion I want to talkContinue reading “Jerash”

The man with the warmest of smiles

Click here to read more stories from Jerusalem. Ours was the unlikeliest of friendships. After all, he and I were from two completely different worlds. I was an eighteen-year-old redhead, who had left home to find herself and her ‘calling’ in the exotic-sounding city of Jerusalem: ‘the center of the world’. He was a long-standingContinue reading “The man with the warmest of smiles”