Exercising peace and gratitude during Covid-19: key things that you can do today!

Hello there, Beautiful girl! I hope that you are doing well today, especially during this time of Covid-19. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and that you have found your balance in the chaos. I hope that your family is safe and I will pray that everyone of you is protected fromContinue reading “Exercising peace and gratitude during Covid-19: key things that you can do today!”

The girl who murdered her fears: A story of a woman who inspires those around her

She is the person that I would turn to for a motivational boost; the classic positive thinker and carefree woman. Not much phases her, she seems to take everything in her stride. I never would have thought that my friend Wejdan had faced hard times and difficulties, so when I heard her story, I wasContinue reading “The girl who murdered her fears: A story of a woman who inspires those around her”

يوم المرأة العالمي: رسالة شخصية إلى قلبك

هذا المقال مخصص لأمي وجداتي المذهلات اللاتي عشنَ حياتهن في تشجيعي وتحفيزي على متابعة أحلامي فحياتي بدون حبهن وحكمتهن تبدو مختلفة جدا. كل عام في 8 آذار، تجتمع النساء والرجال للاحتفال بالإنجازات المذهلة للمرأة ويعتبر اليوم نفسه مركز تنسيق لحركة حقوق المرأة. إن هذا اليوم مهم جدا ويحتفل به في جميع أنحاء العالم من جنسياتContinue reading “يوم المرأة العالمي: رسالة شخصية إلى قلبك”

International Women’s day: A personal letter to your Heart

This article is dedicated to my incredible mother and grandmothers who spent or have spent their lives encouraging me and motivating me to follow my dreams. Without their love and their wisdom my life would look very different. Every year on March 8th Women and Men come together to celebrate the amazing achievements of women.Continue reading “International Women’s day: A personal letter to your Heart”

Hands on Hope – A Friend to those facing dark times.

Hands-On Hope is a local Jordanian NGO based in Amman. Founded in 2015, the NGO prides itself in being committed to helping the poorest of the poor, no matter what the nationality. Under the leadership of Jacki Scott, the organisation seeks to provide critical support to those suffering under hardship.  Jacki and her team ofContinue reading “Hands on Hope – A Friend to those facing dark times.”


This is a poem that reflects the courage that one may need to step out, let go of old things and embrace new beginnings; it is dedicated to anyone who is on the verge of change.  The child stood alone for a time, Balloons in hand, And quietness flooded the place, Could she dare toContinue reading “Release”

Listen, even the silence is whispering!

Click here to read more uplifting and encouraging content. It had been a long month. Come to think of it, it had been a long few months. I leaned against the sea wall and stared out into the distance. The blurry waves were dancing along with the wind. The winter sun had long since hiddenContinue reading “Listen, even the silence is whispering!”