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My name is Sarah, and I am a blogger based in Riyadh. I love languages, I am a guilty as charged travel enthusiast, history and politics addict. I am also the founder of Majnooneh Life.

I always loved to write. As a child, I always hoped to meet people from different cultures and learn about their lives. I always wanted to write my stories and adventures. When I went to High School I began to feel like I could not achieve any of my goals, like many young people feel today. When I travelled abroad unconventionally I found joy in learning about and discovering other cultures. As I began to learn Arabic and grow as a person, what once seemed impossible started to become very possible.

As you can imagine, I am in love with the Middle East. I believe that travelling and learning languages are wonderful ways to learn about the cultures around us. I am also passionate about education and I hope to empower people of all ages to believe in themselves and accomplish their dreams. I love to encourage and empower others through motivational stories and anecdotes.

I decided to create Majnooneh Life as a platform where travel and encouragement are intertwined together. This is a place where you can learn about languages and cultures through travel. It is also a place where you can gain motivation and encouragement.

I hope that you feel welcomed here!


  • Yes, Majnooneh. In Arabic the word ‘Majnooneh’ means crazy. In English the term crazy life sounds somewhat cliche but in reality, it is the best adjective that I could use to describe my life. My life has been filled with unexpected turns and adventures that have helped me develop as a person for the better.
  • I also love having fun whether teaching, exploring or learning I love to encorparate fun activities into my every day life.

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