Exercising peace and gratitude during Covid-19: key things that you can do today!

Hello there, Beautiful girl!

I hope that you are doing well today, especially during this time of Covid-19. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and that you have found your balance in the chaos. I hope that your family is safe and I will pray that everyone of you is protected from sickness and discouragement.

These are difficult days for many people. For others these are days of rest and stillness. I can understand how easy it could be to feel really overwhelmed at this time. You could be feeling guilty right now: maybe you feel like you have not completed enough or made the best use of your time. On the other hand you may feel stressed as a result of your workload and high expectations.

Whatever you are feeling, just pause and take a second to gather your thoughts.

Now, count five to ten things that you are grateful for (write them down if you can!)

I know what I am grateful for:

  • Blue sky
  • Fresh Air
  • Family
  • Health
  • Friendships
  • Sooty (my adorable cat)

… and the list continues. It is really easy to loose sight of the things right infront of you, that is why it is so important to take small breaks throughtout your day to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or lost.

I like to call these times my quiet times or my down times. If it is a bright sunny day, then I love to sit outside with a cup of tea (it is even better if Sooty comes with me!) As a Christian I like to pray and hand my worries over to God. I start by thanking him for all the things that he has given me and then I tell him about my fears, worries or concerns. Prayer gives me great peace and insight into how to deal with these problems. I also feel uplifted once I have finished and often my mood has changed.

Another thing that I like to do is to keep a record of every prayer that gets answered in my life: it makes me really appreciative of how God is actually taking care of me and providing for me.

I love to read in my spare time and I love to dwell on quotes and thoughts of other people. If you scroll through my journals over the years you will most likely find quotes scribbled or written across many a page. Here is one I just love:

If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this: you, my beautiful friend, are not that powerful. – Lisa Bevere

I really find it life giving to write down some life giving quotes and meditate on them during the day: it is so wonderfully refreshing to fill your mind with heartfelt truth. If you find a quote that you love, why not pass it on and share it with a friend? Don’t we all need a little bit extra encouragement these days? I certainly do!

Another thing that I love to do is cook delicious food. My mum is a key worker and she works with the elderly which means that at the moment her job is very stressful. One way that I have tried to help is to do the cooking every night. I have to say that I have really REALLY started to enjoy it. In a really bizarre way cooking serves as a beautiful creative outlet for me and I really love trying out new recipies. If you can, take some time to cook yourself a hearty meal. You would cook for your guests, so make sure that you cook just as well for yourself. You need to ensure that your body is nurtured during this time.

Try to allow yourself at least five to ten minutes to check in with a friend. Whether its a video call, a phone call or just a few text messages: communication is a great way to remind yourself that this season will end. It is also a great way to look beyond yourself and check that your friends or extended family are doing well. Loneliness is a horrible feeling that can be prevented by a surprise message or thinking of you text.

My mum wanted to do something special during this time so she bought small bouqets of flowers and delivered them to her friends. She did not go into the house, the flowers were neatly left on the doorstep and social distancing was exercised at all times! I ended up going with Mum and it was lovely to see the smiles and surprised gasps from the car window. Is there anything that you can do to encourage your friends and family during this time?

As a final note I want to ask you, how will you unwind today? Maybe you can light a candle and read a few pages of that book you have really been wanting to read? Maybe you can watch a youtube video whilst snugged up in your pyjamas (my personal favourite youtube channel is girl and the word because each video is designed to be positive and uplifting.) As you dim the lights this evening, I just want you to know that you are not alone in the middle of this uncertain time. Everybodies journey is going to look a little bit different, so dont worry just take one step at a time. Don’t forget that God always cares for you and you can talk to him about your feelings at any time.

Take care, treasured one.

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