The girl who murdered her fears: A story of a woman who inspires those around her

She is the person that I would turn to for a motivational boost; the classic positive thinker and carefree woman. Not much phases her, she seems to take everything in her stride.

I never would have thought that my friend Wejdan had faced hard times and difficulties, so when I heard her story, I was surprised and even shocked: it was difficult to match the friend I knew with the person she was telling me about.

Wejdan and I decided to tell you this story; we want to encourage you! Life can be difficult and suffering can be a long and painfully draining process. We want to let you know that you are loved and cared for and that your life has meaning.

And from me (Sarah) I want you to know that God cares for you and loves you. It is okay to be worried, concerned and troubled, there is nothing to be ashamed about. However, you should know that you don’t have to go through suffering on your own.

Here’s a motivational thought: Cast all your anxiety on him (God) because he cares for you!

Yella, I want to tell you the story. Grab a cup of tea and start reading!

I want to tell you a story about Wejdan; the jewel of joy that skipped into my life only a few weeks ago. As I tell you the story I want to remind you of something very important; Wejdan’s story is not unheard of and I am sure that many of us will be able to identify with the situation that Wejdan faced. What makes Wejdan’s story so unique, is the choice that Wejdan made to fight through disappointment and agony in order to murder fear. This is the story of my dear Wejdan.

When Wejdan sat down beside me one Tuesday morning, the first thing I noticed about her was her enthusiasm for life and her positivity. It was only as I started to get to know Wejdan, that I began to see what bravery looks like in a person.

We were sat in a brand new coffee shop, somewhere in the centre of Riyadh, when Wejdan opened her heart to me and told me her story. We had spoken about goals, dreams and visions for a beautiful hope-filled 2020, when Wejdan began to share her thoughts on why goals are so important. 


I listened to her tale and travelled back in time to Wejdan’s early twenties: I learnt very quickly that suffering can take many forms.

A few years ago Wejdan found herself in a life-threatening situation. Alone and unconscious, she lay on a hospital bed. Her father was also in the same hospital: he had been admitted after a stroke a few days prior.

Treatment after treatment had failed and the doctors started to worry for Wejdan’s life. Each day a troubled doctor walked into the room; his face was covered by a smear of disappointment that seemed to grow as days progressed. Soon, one fateful day came when the doctor entered the room armed with a form and a pen.

The doctor began to plead with Wejdan’s brother; the doctor wanted to end Wejdan’s suffering – he wanted to turn off the life support machine. Wejdan’s brother strongly refused, clasping his sister’s hand as he prayed for her to find any ounce of hope to push through. Days passed and the doctor continued to beg with Wejdan’s brother; his requests seemed unrelenting. Wejdan’s brother still refused to turn off the machine. In his heart, he knew that he needed his sister to live, he would fight for her chance of survival, no matter what it took.

Gradually, Wejdan gained consciousness but she did not want to live, in fact, she wanted quite the opposite.

Wejdan had long since lost hope. She was beginning to give up. The treatments were endless, the pain was increasing and all hope for a bright and ambitious future seemed lost.

One afternoon as Wejdan found herself drifting in and out of sleep she caught sight of her mother crying. Her mother had tried to be strong for so long, but it had been impossibly difficult. Everything that Wejdan’s mother had held dear, had now been violently torn away from her.

Wejdan began to feel responsible for her mother’s pain and the agony – she was not responsible – but even so, she wrestled with the guilt for the following hour until she met her old friend: strength.

After weeks of painful and unbearable surgeries, Wejdan started to walk the road to recovery. It did not take her days or weeks to recover, but months. Through it all, Wejdan remained strong until her discharge from hospital.

Adjusting to normal life was even more challenging; while Wejdan had been fighting for her life, life had continued and many things had changed.

Wejdan took countless university night classes, she studied for her future with both tears and determination. Now Wejdan stands on the foundations of the life she built for herself by God’s grace.

Wejdan is now a university graduate and she is pursuing her Master’s degree. As a qualified English teacher and marketing specialist, Wejdan is a powerful example to me. My favourite thing about Wejdan is that despite everything, she never misses an opportunity to love others passionately.

 After Wejdan had shared her story with me, I asked her if she had any goals for 2020. She looked at me with a smile on her face and said:

“My goal, Sarah, is to help you become a published writer in any way that I can.” If that does not indicate Wejdan’s selfless nature, I don’t know what does.

Remember one thing from this story: you are not alone – in fact, you are loved and cherished by a God in heaven.

Dear Wejdan, May you keep inspiring people and may you never lose your passion for life! I am proud to be your friend.

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