The Secrets of the Wilderness – Hike with Dan

Flowers in the Desert

That sounds like an oxymoron. They are two words that would not normally be seen together: two words that seem self contradicting.  However, it is true, flowers do grow in the desert. They do not grow for very long, but each spring, right after the few drops of rain that reach the desert, flowers begin to bloom.

One of the best places for Flowers in the Desert is the Wadi Kelt. This wadi has its origins on the Eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives and empties out near Jericho before it finally reaches the Dead Sea. 

I have made several trips to the Kelt looking for flowers in the springtime. One of the most incredible  was in the Spring of 1980. The flowers were extraordinary. I not sure what exactly  happened that year, but as I walked in the Kelt I felt like  I was trespassing off the  path of a well tended conservatory. The desert was an immense carpet of flowers. Beautiful beyond comprehension. 

Dan hiking in Wadi Qelt in 1980
Neva hiking in Wadi Qelt in 1980

Let us not forget the importance of water, after all water is what makes the difference. How could these beautiful flowers grow without streams of water. Having said that we also need to remember that life giving water can bring beauty in any situation too. 

Isaiah 35:1 gives us a glimpse of this. “ The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose”

I cannot wait to share more about another hike soon.

Until then, take care and every blessing,

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