Hope, can you hear me?

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I made a mistake today, like yesterday and the day before.

I imagined that I was not lovable.

One thought triggers another thought.

Before I knew what had happened, what I had imagined became a belief.

I am unlovable.

The silent contemplation of my broken soul and the whisper of fear in a dark night’s dream had convinced me.

So I began to fear.

With each night’s painful turn, I summoned a cry with all of my might, in the hope that someone, anyone, would hear me.

And all I saw was a faint silhouette.

A man, perhaps?

A ray of light.

And thus it continued.

Once or twice a rare flicker of light lit up the darkness like a burning flame.

But still, nothing.

There were no answers to my prayers and there was no comfort for my tears.

Only bravery.


Call it what you will, it is all that I have.

And faith, the faith to believe that as impossible as the situation would seem…

I am lovable.

We are lovable.

You are lovable.

And for the brave soul that is holding on for the answer that they so desperately need.

You really are loveable. 

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. Psalm 119: 50

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